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Mongoose launched Women’s Health in early 2015. The print magazine quickly became Mongoose’s highest-selling publication. It also exists digitally as a vibrant website and popular social media channel. Women’s Health bookazines will further expand the brand in 2016, as will the (co-branded with Men’s Health) Night Run series in Penang, Putrajay and Johor, which will welcome 33,000 runners.

Women’s Health has firmly established itself among the young women/lifestyle magazines – absolutely successful, always relevant, and never superficial.

The unique positioning of Women’s Health treats readers as equals and concerns itself with their lives rather than those of the stars and starlets. The magazine is filled with ideas and inspiration for women who want to achieve more – not for their career or for status symbols, but to simply make the best of themselves.

Women’s Health takes women seriously, but is still fun to read. Because Women’s Health is lively, authentic and confident. The unique mixture of clever, service-oriented tips and top-quality lifestyle already delights nearly readers.

Most of all, Women’s Health focuses on what you can do, right now, to improve your life.