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The Guide

Time Out Penang: The Insider’s Guide to Penang is the most comprehensive guide to activities, attractions, sights and trends, going deep under the surface of Penang to unveil the rich world of heritage, food, bars, the arts, shopping, nightlife, music, spas and leisure. Penang is one of the most advanced, happening and exotic states in Malaysia and Time Out is the indispensible guide for enjoying the best of it.


The Time Out Penang website has thousands of listings from hotels to attractions, to where to eat, interesting events, features and exclusive promotions. Launched in May 2012, its popularity and usefulness of the website has propelled it to become one of the most visited online resources for Penang.

The App

Explore Penang with one of the most comprehensive iPhone travel apps for any island. Launched in conjunction with the website, the app is updated in real-time with up-to-the-minute information encapsulating everything you ever needed to know about going out in Penang. Whether you are looking for the best Rojak, need to find out the latest show at PenangPac, or want to know where the parties are happening, the app tells all.