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The Time Out KL website was the first website to be launched simultaneously with any international edition of Time Out magazine in April 2008. Today the website is updated in real-time and is in the top five most viewed Malaysian Lifestyle websites, according to independent analysts Effective Measure.

The App

The free Time Out KL app brings KL to your fingertips, literally. With over 40,000 downloads, the app is updated in real-time and encapsulates everything you ever needed to know about going out in KL. Whether you are looking for the nearest chap fan place, are trying to get tickets to the latest theatre performance, or want to know where the hottest parties are happening, the free Time Out KL app tells all.


Time Out Kuala Lumpur sends a weekly opt-in editorial newsletter to over 40,000 people, showcasing the top things to do in the city that week, as chosen by the editorial team.

The team also send out marketing newsletters with specifically tailored promotions, contests or advertising messages for clients. These reach over 42,000 inboxes and provide outstanding value and return for partners.