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ELLE Malaysia magazine launched its premiere issue with 308 pages of world-class fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle editorial. The magazine is complemented by the website elle.my and the ELLE Malaysia app.

The ELLE Malaysia readers now enjoy daily access to fashion, trends, beauty and skincare, celebrity news and styles, and pop culture from these groundbreaking new platforms. For a personalised experience of the ELLE brand, she can also join the MY ELLE Club by downloading and registering for the ELLE Malaysia App.

ELLE, a brand owned by Lagardère Active, is the world's largest fashion magazine brand with at present 43 international editions and a global circulation of 6,560,000 copies reaching over 21 million people.ELLE's newest edition will inspire women to explore and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives. ELLE's smart and definitive take on fashion, beauty and style culture is at once aspirational and accessible, encouraging readers to cultivate not just their personal style, but confidence that brings them success.