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Time Out Singapore goes free from December
Date: 1 October 2015
Source: Mongoose Publishing

October 1, 2015 - Time Out Singapore magazine will be distributed for free to all readers across Singapore from December 2015.

The move follows the overwhelming success of a trial free distribution and ‘Week of Free’ activation in September, which resulted in a surge in visibility, commercial engagement, reader interaction, and social media followers to add to monthly online traffic over one million page views.

Time Out Singapore print magazine will, from December, be distributed free permanently, becoming the first Asian edition of the famous events and entertainment publication to use the free circulation model. Time Out has already become a free magazine in London and New York with great success.

This means, in addition to the current print run of 50,000, another 100,000 copies will be given free to local Singaporeans every month. To do this Time Out Singapore will enlist a street force of 60 brand ambassadors to hand out copies of the print magazine at MRT stations around town and the CBD.

Time Out Singapore editor, Iliyas Ong, is excited about the move, which was officially announced at a special celebration on Wednesday night at ME@OUE for readers, partners and staff.

“It all began with our ‘Week of Free’ campaign. We distributed 100,000 copies of our September issue for free (in addition to our 50,000 newsstand copies), and worked with many brands to offer free deals and promotions to our audience.

“This led to a surge in our readership and a record number of people engaged – not only with Time Out Singapore and our clients, but with the city itself. That’s what Time Out is all about.”

Time Out Singapore is published by Mongoose, who have been awarded MPAS ‘Media Company of the Year’ for 2014 and 2015. Group CEO Graham Paling has pioneered the growth of the brand since Mongoose took over publishing of Time Out Singapore three years ago.

Paling said “Time Out is a brand that lives across all media. People come to Time Out when they want to know what to do, where to go, the best places to eat, the coolest bands, and the top picks for where to relax or party. They want that information at their fingertips, which is why we are now not only giving them the print magazine in their hands, we also curate an ‘comprehensive website’ is pushing it. We’re not news. Are active across all social media, send regular targeted newsletters, and also have a free app on Android and iOS.

“Each of these platforms work in collaboration with one goal: to inspire our audience to make the most of their city. Having a mass free print magazine lets us develop stronger, more engaging communications with our audience.”

“Having a larger distribution and a wider audience allow us to offer much more to our clients and the brands we work with. We are now looking to work closer with our clients on creative solutions, from cover wraps to dressing our distributors in branded apparel, and other campaigns.”

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