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Date: 30 July 2012
Source: Mongoose Publishing

30 July 2012, Kuala Lumpur:
The team at Mongoose Publishing are getting behind “Team Malaysia” at the London Olympics 2012 with a campaign of personal support on social media network Twitter.

The 30 sportsmen and women in the London Games have each been voluntarily ‘adopted’ by a member of the Mongoose team, who will then follow their progress, Tweeting information about when we can see them perform, their progress, and also directly send them messages of good luck and support over the two weeks of the Games.

With several of the country’s biggest magazine Twitter accounts, including Esquire Malaysia (@esquiremy), Expatriate Lifestyle (@ELMalaysia), Time Out Penang (@timeoutpenang) and more than 14,000 followers for Time Out Kuala Lumpur magazine (@timeoutkl), Mongoose delivers scores of Twitter updates every day.

However, in this unique campaign, it is the individual Mongoose staff who are at the forefront of communicating, and the team have relished the opportunity to get behind the Malaysian athletes as they represent the country in front of a worldwide audience of more than a billion people in London. Staff in every department, from editorial, sales, design, marketing, PR, digital and administration are joining in and sending a Tweet to our sports stars.

“It’s really good fun,” said Zazarina Zainal Abidin (@xaxareena), Mongoose’s Web Designer. “I watched Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong win their first two group matches in the Men’s Double Badminton. I would love it if they can win Malaysia’s first ever gold medal. And supporting them on Twitter makes it even better!”

“I’m following a diver and I don’t know anything about diving!” laughed Senior Account Executive on Time Out KL, Mindy Low (@mashivader). “But I’ve found out that my diver, Pandelela Rinong is the only Malaysian to be competing in three different Olympic events. Good luck to her!”

The Mongoose team have created a special hashtag #OlympicMongoose to follow their campaign. Chief Content Officer Matt Bellotti (@MCMattSally) explains “We are finding out more about events such as the Cycling Keirin, Laser Sailing or 10metre synchronized platform diving that we are not familiar with. We are also giving exposure to sportsmen and women that deserve recognition. Mongoose are proud to be offering our support for Team Malaysia in a way that no other company is.”

“The Olympic Games are the most inspiring global event on Earth. The Games are also the pinnacle of an individual’s career and even life. They work so hard to get there, they make so many sacrifices and often have to pay their own way with next to no public support. Yet in the whole world, these Malaysian stars are among the very best in their discipline. We are proud that they are representing Malaysia and the Mongoose team are only too keen to lend a Tweet to show our support.”


Jer Rei Ting@jerreiting No, Lee Hup Wei's not Lee Chong Wei's brother! -.- He's Malaysia one and only high-jumper for London Olympics. Support him! #OlympicMongoose

Shawal Ras@ShawalRas We will be watching our adopted athlete. Khairul Anuar Mohamad. Make me proud. #Archery #Malaysia #OlympicMongoose

Mei Tan@valx Heidi Gan Fun Fact: started open water swimming less than 3 years ago; have already won 5km&10km at SEA Games. #OlympicMongoose

NB: Jer Rei Ting is Marketing Executive on Time Out Kuala Lumpur, Shawal Ras is Editorial Intern on Esquire Malaysia, Mei Tan is Senior Marketing Manager at Mongoose