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It only takes #100Days to transform your life
Date: 1 August 2017
Source: Men’s Health Malaysia

MH 100Days Challenge

It doesn’t take a long time to change your lifestyle; all it takes is 100 days of eating and working out to transform your outlook and fitness. This is put to the test when the Men’s Health team consisting of Anis Taufik, Arthur Jeng, Ashley Loh, Patrick Loh, Shufri Elfi Mifli and Eugene Phua; the Editor-in-Chief took up this #100Days challenge to transform their lives.

Inspired from Men’s Health South Africa, Eugene approached Fitness First with the idea and they came back with a comprehensive training package for each of the team members including training and fitness assessments. Each of them had their own specific workout plan curated for them with the supervision of their own personal trainer.

The team were supported by Kong Woan Fei of Columbia Asia Hospital who not only guided but created a nutrition plan for each individual to help them through the journey. Friends of Men’s Health, Optimum Nutrition provided sport nutrition packs and Nike made sure the team looked great whilst they were working out with brand new training gear.

“The main reason why I wanted to do this is to show our readers that regular guys like us with regular jobs and time commitments can transform our lives. Everything we did is nothing exceptionally special – anyone can do things that we did. Just like any endeavour in life, we have to make sacrifices and invest time, energy and even money in it, and trust me when I say that all six of us made sacrifices and we invested 200% in this!” says Eugene Phua.

He also added “Everyone said that the first month is the most difficult. But once they got past that first hurdle, they were all enjoying the process, enjoying the noticeable changes, and of course, enjoying the compliments! What pleases me the most is that all of them are continuing their transformation journey on their own, using the lessons they’ve learnt from the past 100 days. It’s part and parcel of their life now.”

The end results of the 100days were amazing – not only were they fitter and stronger but all of them showed significant improvements in their Bioscore test results. Want to know more about how the guys fare, grab your copy of Men’s Health August 2017 online or on newsstands..

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