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Mongoose Media transfers Esquire Singapore license to Indochine Media Ventures (IMV)
Date: October 2017
Source: Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing Pte Ltd, publisher of Esquire Singapore today announced that it would be transferring the license to Indochine Media Ventures (IMV) after five years of promoting the brand in Singapore.

Under the leadership of Mongoose Publishing, Esquire Singapore was the most awarded magazine brand ever in Singapore. Since launching in August 2012, Esquire Singapore won a plethora of awards including; 42 Media Publishers Association of Singapore Awards between 2012 to 2017 across multiple categories including Editor of the Year; Cover of the Year; Event of the Year; and Conference of the Year. In addition to MPAS, Esquire Singapore also won two design awards at the Asian Media Awards in 2017, two wins at the SOPA 2016 and 2017 awards and silver at the Spark Awards 2017—all for the first time.

Executive Chairman of Mongoose Publishing, Graham Paling stated “Esquire Singapore has been an excellent part of our portfolio. I’m really proud of the award-winning publication and the fantastic team. We have achieved everything with the brand that we set out to achieve when we launched Esquire Singapore. It is time to let another publisher take the reins and IMV is the perfect fit with their focus on luxury publications.”

IMV President, Michael Von Schlippe stated “Esquire Singapore is a great addition to the IMV portfolio. Mongoose has created a strong and successful brand in Singapore and we look forward to continuing to push the envelope for the brand.” The license for Esquire Singapore will be transferred to IMV offices in Singapore and take effect from 1st November 2017.